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I'm Claire - 17 and a junior in highschool
I'm really nice and easy to talk to so if you want to know more just ask
Would love to know all of you!!

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Quotes by CandyCool

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Promises arent meant to be kept
For if they were
They wouldnt be broken all the time
when my sister is truly happy
I will be too
Tired of my sister replacing all our years of being each others only best friend to now she yells at me all the time and talks to her new friend the way she use to talk and respect me.
You dont know pain,
Unless youve texted happy thoughts while crying in your bedroom
Unless youve rixed everything just to keep someone else happy and they never find out.
Giving yourself likes on your own comments
because you just can
That moment when you are near crying during homecoming
and then the first slow song comes on
you start racing to find your date finding him looking thru thecrowd then you just run up and embrace him
not missing a step.
just two more years till college till escape from everything.. you know, a lot can happen in just two years Lord, have mercy on these two years till the home run
So, heres the story.

me - so i was at the fair, and some drunks came up to me and called me a wh.ore and I felt like a stripped or something..but i totally ignored them. But still.

my bf - sweetie, it will be alright, prob good i wasnt there cuz if i was, there would be a huge fight cuz they are messing with my girl

And this my dears is why I Love Him!!!