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Hey, its Ciara. I'm from dublin, ireland :D i love my 
family and friends, my laptop, ipod, reading, drawing, sleeping, baking etc. Follow me, I'll follow back :D check out my qoutes and stufffff <3 oh yeah, remember my name cos one day i.will.marry.JUSTIN.BIEBER;O;O;O
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All I want to do right now is cut.
So bad, so deep.
It's all i've been thinking about. I've been a few days cut free, not that anyone cares, and i can't keep upsetting everyone around me since i'm not strong enough to not cut..
Remember the first time I cut deep?
i was so scared. You were the only person i could talk to. I was looking at that scar today, i started crying. That was before all the others. when i thought that one scar was super noticible. now there's hundreds. And you're the reason. I'm gonna give in..

Me: can you grow please?
Hair: Nope.
Boobs: Ha, no.
Stomach: OKAY! ;D


Serious question: What color is a mirror?
Favorite band: We are going on a world tour!
Me: Does that mean you're coming to my tow-
Favorite band: No.

I Think we'll be best friends forever.
because we're both too lazy to find new friends.


Agnes: will you read us a bedtime story?
Gru: no.
Agnes: pretty please?
Gru: the physical appearance of the please makes no difference.


At the Olympic Ceremony, 
7 billion pieces of confetti were realeased.
One for every human in the world.