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Quotes by CantThink

I'm so socially awkward that If I see someone from my school in public,
I will go to great lengths to not interact with them. It's kinda sad, really
Whenever I do something bad and get caught,
I try to make it seem like what I did wasn't bad so I don't get in trouble.
Ok. Time for me to be serious.
My Chemical Romance broke up. 
I'm still finding this hard to believe.
This was my favorite band, and it pains me to even think about
not having them in my live anymore.
But MCR wasn't just a band-
They were lifesavers.
For some they were the light in the sinking black hole that is depression.
They were there for me when I was feeling down and low.
It just hurts to know that our beautiful reprieve is 
no longer together.
But while I know we mourn the loss of the band, it's not over.
Like Gerard said the band will still live within us. 
We should not be sad that it is over, but we should remember 
the good times. We should rejoice that there was such a band
that made us feel safe, and loved. Now, let's be thankful for the time
we had with this band. All of the memories. I know that the hurt will 
still linger, but take solace in this: 
We had years of happiness with this band. Let us wipe away our tears,smile, and
reminiscence about all the amazing things that came out of it. 
As Gerard said,
"My Chemical Romance is done. But it can never die. 
It is alive in me, in the guys, and it is alive inside all of you. 
I always knew that, and I think you did too.
Because it is not a band- 
it is an idea."
Those hilarious and awkward conversations that you can only have with your best friend.
Talking to my friend's boyfriend:
Me: Where are your glasses?
Him: Not on my face.
Me: .....
My friends think I'm hilarious. Little do they know my source of humor is from you guys.
So today I overheard this little girl say to this kid,
"Tommorow I'm going to kill you. Literally. "
How else would she kill him? Metaphoricaly? 
Whenever I'm not paying attention and someone speaks to me, I say the first thing that pops into my head.
Friend: My cat died.
Me: Congrats.
I'm not mean. I'm honest. 
One of my friends eats her ice cream bar with a fork. For some reason this really ticks me off. YOU'RE JUST NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT.  IT JUST REALLY IRRITATES ME.
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