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Quotes by Cant_wait_for_summer

&&Have you noticed
that all the [[hot guys]]
turn out to be man
whores and a.s.s.e.s

Best Friend...
The person you can't
be mad at for over an hour
because you have something
important to tell them!!

credit to drew_59e on photobucket!!
Big girls dont cry!!
they get even!!

saw it on
credit to them^^
I hate it when...

people are like go f*ck yourself!!
i just sit there thinking to myself isn't that a little difficult?

credit to mee i think. Comment me if i jocked it from you and ill either add credit by adding a comment or just delete it. You can pick.
hey all you twilight lovers!
h e r e ' s  a  p e t i t i o n  f o r  y o u !
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-maddayy.<twilight is my passion>
ilovenickjonas__x3- i love twilight!
xoChandlerox8; eff all them haterss 
addicted to Twilight<33
 love2laugh- i looved twilight!! i say keep the twilight quotes!! <33
robertpattinsonequalslife146 <--- as you can tell i am a big fan of twilight too!=]
Taymac17-Twilight rocks!!
3 -- i love twilight!!
peenutbutrnkelly --- <333 TWILIGHT
UluvME7400----Twilight is the best book Everr!!
1inAmi11i0n--> twilight is AMAZINGG!!!!!
ITSxNICKI- Twilight is ah-mazing! <3:) 
00_H3ATH3R_00- whoa!!! twilight is awesome
 jessica kayy :)   twilightt for le lifee <<3
Cant_wait_for_summer- I loveee Twilightt!!!!<333
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sorry about this... when u r reading this dont stop or something bad will happen! my name is summer i am 15 years old i have blonde hair ,many scars no nose or ears.. i am dead. if u dont copy this just like from the ring, copy n post this on 5 more sites.. or.. i will appear one dark quiet night when ur not expecting it by your bed with a knife and kill u. this is no joke something good will happen to u if you post this on 5 more pages