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I am strong because I have people to protect. I almost gave up once, but then I realized the people I care about need me, just like I need them. Never give up, and always try your best. You cannot gain, without first giving something in return. No matter how great the pain, stand up and walk, keep moving forward. Believe in all of your strengths, and never grow impatient, for it brings uneasiness, and distracts the heart. Forget all your fears, walk forward, and never look back. You will encounter many hardships ahead, but everyone does. Do not feel discouraged, even in the toughest times. I'm willing to do anything humanly possible to protect the ones I love. We have to fight to live, it's our only life,  and the more the fight, the stronger we become. 


Quotes by CarCar27

When  the time comes,
You have to move forward,

  And never look back


No matter how hard it gets,
No matter what the circumstances are,
Just keep fighting.
Don't quit
Remember your goals,
And show everyone that you can become something more
Do anything you want, but never give up
I'll take your hand and lead you through the darkness of your mind

I just wanna run 


Go to hell for heaven's sake

Lets be lightning straying from the thunder
If you don't take risks, you can't create a future
We will rise
The dream that you've always dreamed
is suddenly about to flower
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