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It's hard to swin
in a world so shallow
ls that I can't live without amelia, taylor, amber, and daria<3 They hold me together. we get called sluts alot but if you really knew us we spend our weekends watching spongebob and dreaming about taylor launter. I am currently single although I have dated boys in the past including DeeplyLoved who to this day still needs to change his information section. I am a country girl from alabama. I play hockey, basketball, and I kickbox. My life is pretty good right now and I would love for it to stay like this<3 if you want to get to know me some more just comment and we can chat it up<3
:) short but sweet, my name is keri i am 15 years old, my birthday is septermber 26, 1996. I haven't found love and I am still searching for that one special someone, although i do have someone in mind. I have been in love with the same person for almost 3 years. I have 6 siblings that i can't live without. I live in Rhode Island the smallest state. I attend an all girls school. I play softball, lacrosse, hockey, and soccer. My favorite color is blue and i enjoy being a tomboy. I wear boxers and shop in the boys section in stores.
judge away my friends<3
when ever you feel down just think someone out there wants you in thier life 

Quotes by Carebearkeri

when you find someone who makes your jaw drop and heart stutter and smile widen you've found true love. when you worry about the person when you haven't talked all day, when they are the first and last thing and everything you think about during the day, when you dream about them, you've found true love. when kissing them makes your foot pop and your heart stop and your lips tingle and your hands grip their waist and you pull them in for more, you've found true love. i found true love, i found it with you. i found true love and i lost it. i lost it because i let you slip away. let myself drift away because i was afraid of my feelings. i don't know if you'll ever read this or see it but if you do happen to come across this i want you to know. i am still in love with that crooked smile and your brown hair with the blonde underneath i still love the sound of your voice when you sing up on stage. i love the little things you do. i love a girl. a girl who changed my world. a girl who is starting new and starting new without me. yet still i sit here and i tell her i love her.
Feeling safe, just being a "someone" this weekend. 

do you love me?
 like i love you


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witty is still here!
Thank you steve


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When I die I want someone to update
my Facebook status
        so people will be like .....
I didn't know they had wifi up there?


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you could be my IT girl
my dog has my heart♥

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I Just want to

spend my life with


your  the one that makes me smile


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It's just like Santa's workshop<3
 but it smells like mushrooms
 and everyone looks mean
 -buddy the elf<3

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I support the rainbow 
so should you.

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We Elves stick to four main

food groups


candy canes

candy corn

and syrup

-Buddy the elf <3

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