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Quotes by Carlito

Today, the world lost a great guy, a sweet one, a talented athletic one, a real gentleman. Sabo, I know we didn't know each other very well, but every time I talked to you, you always had an encouraging word for me. You always made me feel cared about, and loved. I had just talked to him last night. Sabo, died in a  car accident this morning. He would have been a Junior this fall. Everyone who knew him loved him. Please say a prayer for his classmates, for his family, and for his friends.
Please fav this, not for me, but for him.
R.I.P, Sabo.


When    you     turn      on      MTV    so
they       can     teach     you     how     to    Dougie,
and    16    &    Pregnant   is   on    and   you    think
"I doubt she'll be teaching anyone how to Dougie for quite a while"

Conversation Between Me & Him;
Him: It's all your fault anyway! If you weren't so adorable I wouldn't have this problem! :)

Me: Haha, If you saw me right now you wouldn't think I was adorable. :)

Him: Whatever, every time I see you I fall for you more, it's only so long til' I hit the ground.
If this is what love feels like I don't want this feeling to ever leave.


Lindsay Lohan was caught stealing a necklace 
unless it had a horcrux in it, 
 she's an idiot. .

when i was a baby,
my momma dropped me in a box of glitter 

been shining ever since.

So i was at ....
McDonalds and the guy at the window asked what I wanted.
I playingly said " I would like a McGorgeous"
Then he said "I'm sorry, we don't carry those. You should try Arby's"

ohhh, how I would love to
be driving the karma bus,
when it catches up to you.

I have a feeling there will be some EPIC wishes tonight

Boy  ,   you're    more
than just the average

s c  a  r <|3.

 Call me ugly
Cal l - me - lame
just do me a favor 
and | remember | the | name
-All Mine