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Birthday: January 10
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Location: CA
Gender: F
I'm 17.
My B-day is Jan 10, 2001

I love to sing and hopefully one day that will be my career along with acting, modeling, fashion designing, photography, and film.
I am also into having a career in the FBI or CIA. 
My back up plans have back ups.
My favorite tv show is PLL, The 100 and The Originals. 
Follow me on Instagram, my username is mysterious
.mah .
Also, my goal is to go to UCLA with a full scholarship, and hopefully play volleyball on their team.

(Steve followed me on 11/06/2014)  

Quotes by *mysterious.mah*

Every day is leg day when you're running away from your problems.
I might be annoying, but at least my lock screen isn't a selfie.
Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.
I remember when my bestfriend was shy and quiet, I created a monster.
Your secrets are safe with me and all my friends.
You call me your best friend, but where were you when my selfie only had 4 likes?
You have one advantage over me. You can kiss my ãss and I can't.
Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.
I'm going back to sleep. I refuse to give up on my dreams that easily.
I don't get older. I level up.
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