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I'm 17.
My B-day is Jan 10, 2001

I love to sing and hopefully one day that will be my career along with acting, modeling, fashion designing, photography, and film.
I am also into having a career in the FBI or CIA. 
My back up plans have back ups.
My favorite tv show is PLL, The 100 and The Originals. 
Follow me on Instagram, my username is mysterious
.mah .
Also, my goal is to go to UCLA with a full scholarship, and hopefully play volleyball on their team.

(Steve followed me on 11/06/2014)  

Quotes by *mysterious.mah*

The only reason I'm fat is because a tiny body could store all this personality.
Never píss off someone who bleeds for 5 days, every month and doesn't die.
Everyone's getting into relationships and you know what I'm getting? Some more food, brb.
Dear Life,
When I asked if my day could get worse,
it was a rhetorical question
not a challenge.
In 2007, a customer gave a Pizza Hut waitress a $10,000 tip after hearing she had financial troubles and was forced to quit school.
That awkward moment when you're singing a song that you're supposed to hate.
Perfect has 7 letters and so does 'meeeeee'.
Coincidence? I think not.
Do you ever look at your life and think, 'What has the internet done to me?'
How nice would it be if the more you looked at hot people, the hotter you get.
Butterflies? I feel the entire zoo in my stomach when I see you.
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