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Hey my name is Casi (: I love witty so much! & also everyone on it. My best friends name is Sam her witty account is casamxo FOLLOW HER she is amazing<3 we have been bestfriends since we were about 4 years old. I love tanning shopping and horseback riding. I am currently single and loving it!
I am 14 years old, got to love the teen years.... NOT.
well you can hmu on formspring my formspring is casirae ask me anything you want I will be as helpful as possible. please follow me it makes me happy. :D <3
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Quotes by Casiraexo

Dear Witty girls,

What are we suppossed to write our quotes about?

You don't want quotes or stories about Justin Bieber,
You don't want people complaining about their insicurities,
You don't like long quotes,
You don't like quotes with cuss words,
You don't like quotes with bad spelling,
You don't like "That awkward moment when..." quotes,
You don't like Jocked quotes,
You don't like "squished fonts" 

Dear witty girls, What do you want us to write our quotes on? 

Hi, i'm a girl.


- Here is how it goes,

- I'm going to act really sweet and funny
- I'm going to flirt with you all night
- Then tommorow when you don't text me right away I'm going to freak out om you
- Then I'm going to have my friends freak out on you
- Then I'm going to complain about you leading me on and not talking to me.


HI, I'm a girl.


Admit it,

You have tried to eat some sort a food sexualy before.


30 subject challenge

1- 15 facts about myself.


1- I am afraid of turkeys
2-I love UGGS
3- Horses are my favorite animal
4- I'm doing this because I have no school and i'm bored so you don't have to read it.
5- My ex boyfriend randomly texted me last night
6- I didn't get it until this morning.
7- I didn't answer him.
8- I don't plan on answering him
9- I made myself french toast this morning.
10- I am 99% sure nobody will read this
11- Today is halloween and I'm being a cowgirl.
12- But halloween was postponed until friday.
13. I didn't know you could post pone halloween?
14- I want to listen to some new music...
15- Chris Brown?


 That one song that describes your life.

I was going to make a quote about you,

& then I was like,


Format by Sandrasaurus

  When I get married,
I'm going to force my husband to only buy bruno mars songs 
on Itunes, so when I'm upset he knows exactly what to

Like really?

These "size zero" quotes need to stop.
I agree that you should be happy and feel beautiful no matter what you look like but that doesn't mean you should be putting down the girls that are smaller or a "size zero".
Those girls are beautiful too.

Some of them don't choose to be that small, They are just born that way. Most of those girls aren't even happy with their bodies either. They wish they were curvier, They wish they had more of a body. Stop putting down those girls.