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About Me, Myself, & I.
Hi, My name is
Cassidy Joyce Taylor
I Love my friends and am always there for them. No matter what. I try my best in everything I do, But sometimes I mess up. I make mistakes too. You don't have to put me down for it. I'm only human. I am a good & kind person, but I can be rude when it come to defending friends, family, & myself. Nothing can come between the bond of me and one of my very best friends Kiera Allabaugh. She gets bullied 7 I have helped her come a long way, I am so proud of her and she is so kind and derserves much better from what people give her. I love her with all my heart and I never let anyone tell her different. She is beautiful & should not care what people think about her, becausse I know her like not many people do. And the Kiera I know is strong & independent and I love her very much. Follow her @ Kiera0522

Quotes by Cassidyt2000

Everyday, I worry, "what if she really did go all the way? What has happened that i dont know about? what if she isnt here anymore, what if she does commit suicide.?" i would loose it without her. she is my inspiration. not because of the mistakes she has made in the past, but the beautiful, strong, and independent woman it will make her in the future. im just always worried when i find out something about her im not supposed to know what she will do. she is usually such a happy and smiley girl, but on the inside, she might just do it.


is not a justification for drinking,

one night stands,

doing drugs,

& being an a**hole.

You do only live once.

Don't screw it up.

My three best friends,
They are there for me,
They don't judge me,
 They care for me,
They help me,
They need me,
They are the three most important people in my life..
& I wouldn't be the same without them<3
Kiera, Mariah,and Mercy..<3


You say you UNDERSTAND,
But I know it's not possible you can..

In 50 Years

You might sit down on your computer and type in the favorite website of your childhood. you'll see the black and white logo that you used to see daily for the first time in years. as you struggle to remember your username and password, a smile grows on your face as you finally type in the correct combination. as you go on your profile, your favorite song from when you were a teenager will start playing, and you'll stare into the eyes of your old profile picture. as you begin to scroll through your old quotes, all the memories come flooding back to your brain. you'll read about drama that happened in middle school, and recite the lyrics to your favorite songs. you see the quote of yours that got the most faves, and remember how excited you were to log on to see that many notifications. seeing your witty bestfriends on your followers list is what makes the tears start to fall. these girls were here for you through everything. these girls were here for you when nobody else was, they made you laugh when you wanted to cry, and they actually understood what you were going through. will you wish you still talekd to them? will you miss this when it's gone? it'll be hard when i stop using witty, but i wont ever regret it. making an account was one of the best decisions of my life. you all changed my life.


I want a house in the country, cowgirl boots, a cowgirl hat, and to be young forever, that is my dream♥

I want to have one of those nights, where everything is perfect. It's warm, I'm in shorts, a tanktop, & cowgirl boots, with all of my best friends, out in the country, with the radio blasting, running, jupping, laughing, all night long, no regrets, just fun, hoping that this perfect night will never end.♥ Just being Young, & not growing up♥


Theres this girl, i Love her with all my heart. She is my bestfriend and I almost lost her. I love her and she does not deserve to be treated the way she is. She is beautiful and perfect in every way, she is awesome and shouldn't tell herself she isn't pretty enough or good enough, because she is. Trust me, she is beaugtiful as well as everyone in this world. Don't ever let anyone put you down. Because they have nothing better to do. I Love all of you. <3

The only difference between fear  & excitement  is your additude   about it.