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5 Truths Quiz

1. Last beverage= water
2. Last Phone call= i dont talk on the phone oOps
3. Last Text Message= bethany
4. Last Song You Listened To= Hush-Miss A

5. Last time I cried= last night
6. Dated Somone Twice= nope
7. Been Cheated On= yes
8. Lost Someone Special= yes
9. Kissed Somone and Regreated It= no
10. Been Depressed= yes
11. Been drunk and threw up= nah
12. Black
13. Red (or purple tbh)
14. Blue 

15. Made a New Best Friend= Yep
16. Fallen In Love= Yes
17. Slept With Someone New= No
18. Met Someone Who Changed You= Yes
19. Found out who you true friends are= No
20. Found out someone was talking about you= Yes
21. Kissed anyone on my friends list= no?? what do you mean by friends list
22. How many people on your friends list do you actually see= DO YOU MEAN FACEBOOK BC I DONT KNOW WHAT FRIENDS LIST MEANS HELP
23. How many kids do you want to have= zero
24. Do you have any pets= Nope (sad face)
25. Do you want to change your name= Not really I kinda like my name
26. What did you do for your last birthday= Nothing tbh
 27. What time did you wake up today= I didnt sleep
28. What were you doing at midnight lastnight= On twitter
29. Name something you can not wait for= Death tbh 
30. Last time you saw your mother= lookin at her right now
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about youself= my face
32. What are you listening to right now= Hush- Miss A

33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom= ive spoken to many toms
34. Whats getting on your nerves right now= my family
35. Most visted webpage= tumblr
36. Whats your Name= Hannah
37. Nicknames?= Hanners 
38. Relationship Status= taken<3

39. Male/Female= female
40. Primary school= what
41. Middle school= again what
 42. College= not there yet
43. Hair colour= dark blonde with bright red ends
44. Long or short= Long
45. Perfume= Twilight Mist
46. Do you have a crush on someone= just my boyfriend <33
47. What do you like bout yourself= my eyes
48. Piercings= Nope. just my ears
49. Tattoos= Nope
50. Righty or Lefty= righty ayye
51. First Surgery= when i was like 4 i had surgery (idk for what tbh. shh)
52. First Piercing= eARS
53. First best friend= michael

54. First sport you joined= cheerleading
55.First Vacation= mall of america woO
56. Eating= nothing
57. Drinking= water
58.I'm about to= go on tumblr
59. Listening to= pretty sure ive answered this, but Hush-Miss A
60. Waiting for= my room to heat up jfc
61. Want Kids= no
62. Want to get married= depends
63. Career= i dont know
64. Lips or Eyes= Eyes
65. Hugs or Kisses= Both
66. Shorter or Taller= taller
67. Older or younger= it doesnt matter omg
69. Smart or good face= again, doesnt matter
70. Sensitive or loud= Both
71. Hook - up or relationship=  Relationship
 72. Truble maker or Hesitant= Both
73. Kissed a stranger=No
74. Drank hard liquor=No
75. Lost glasses or Contacts= nope

76. "IT" on first date= "it" wowow so mature. nope
77. Broken someones heart= probably
78. Had your own heart broken=Yes
79. Been Arrested=No
80. Turned someone down=Yes
81. Cried when someone had died=Yes
82. Fallen for a friend=No
83. Yourself= no
84. Love at first sight= yes

85. Heaven= no
86. Santa= no
87. Kiss on First date= yes
88. Angels= no

89. Had more than one Girlfriend/ Boyfriend at a time= No
90. Did you sing today=Yes
91. Ever cheated on somone=No
92. If you could go back in time how far would you go= back to the 90's
93. If you could pick one day to relive what would it be= when i visited the mall of america tbh because that was rad as heck
94. Do you have one certian regret that you wish you could change= one that im not willing to mention
95. Did you like this survey= no

We're the new face of failure
Prettier and younger but not any bettter off.
Bulletproof loneliness, at best,
At best

Omega 3 - Warning
We tried them all. Here is the only one we recommend.
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Bet you thought the ad above this quote was real.
double quote format by breeze





Stay strong.

I love you.


ideal daily schedule:
-frick frack
-snick snack
-nip nap

Never give up.

Babe, why'd you play with fire, if you knew you'd get burned?
Maybe if I didn't care so much I wouldn't be so stressed.
Sometimes, i like to follow a person, and go through their quotes and fave a bunch of them.
Sometimes they arent even good quotes.
I do this because i want somebody to smile.
I do this because each and every one of you deserves to be happy.
I do this because i just want to do something nice.
Remember that everyone has their own battles and doing one tiny thing can make someones day.

why do people lie to me
why do people lie to me
why do people hate me
why do people hurt me
why do people shoot me down