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Her name is Donitra
She's from West Virginia


Quotes by CatchinStars50

Loyal and Faithfully Girls
cry the most.



And Tonight I Pull Out The Headphones
Ignore The World For The Night
Get On Witty For The First Time In Months
Pour My Heart
Hope There's Someone Out There Who Can Relate

Try To Remind Myself That I'm Not Alone


No Matter How Empty My Corner Feels


We Were So In Love 



I'm A 20 Year Old Girl
who still needs her teddy bear
When Things Get Rough
He's The Only Guy Who's always Been There


"Honey, folks are gonna' talk 
about you till the day you die..
and ain't nothing you can do about it
It ain't about what they call you
it's what you answer to. You
remember that. You Hear Me."



Just make sure you Love Me 
And Not who you want me To Be ♥

We'll flee the memories like the dark, the in between 
I want everything  
And love I know will carry us 
 With you I'll always have enough  
We'll work together through this life 
One day at a time 



Smile Smile Smile



Allowing you to
stare at people
without getting caught,
It's like Facebook
in real Life.

I Hate When You Know That Your Period Is Coming
But Just Like a Sneeze It Teases You
Until You Forget About It