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Wake up &' smell the break up. Fix my heart, put on my make up. Another mess I didn't plan.

I feel bad for the kids now a days that want a toy that they see on tv but they're mom can't buy it for them cuz you have to be 18 or older

Honestly, I don't need someone that sees
what's good about me. I need someone
that sees the bad, and still wants me.
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I wish we were all able to see from some else's eyes, or point of view. To truly feel how they feel. & be in there shoes.

Everyone has that
' make the other person sound incredibly stupid '
voice when describing an argument.
Treat   me  like  a  queen .  &'  i'll  treat you like a king.  .
Treat  me  like  a game  & '   i'll  show  you  how  it's  played  .

That sad moment,

When someone attractive is gramtically deficient.