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I'm so sorry

I haven't been on Witty that much lately because of some issues at home. High school is a lot harder than I thought. And all this drama is tearing me away from my Witty. So...I've decided that I'm leaving WItty. For good. I get hate now on here and I used to NEVER get hate. It got out of hand one day and I just lost it. I've met so many inspirational people on this website. Shoutout to USMarineCorps2013, livetowrite123456789, and xochaarlotteexoo; you guys have been there for me and haven't judged me once. I love you guys. And I love my 300+ followers. Without you guys I have no idea where I'd be. I made this account and didn't know what I was getting myself into. I've had the best and the worst of times on Witty. Okay so before this gets too long, I have like three more things to say. Thank you Steve for making WItty; you saved me. Like some of you know, I used to write. So follow my Wattpad for more stories; it's Brunette_Bombshell. And maybe I'll be back one day. I don't know. But thanks Wittians. You've been amazing. Stay Beautiful. xo


can't  tell iit's
 k i l l i n g   m e   o r   i f   i t ' s  k  i g   m  e   o n g e r



every m o m e n t, every piece of the m e m o r i e s that you've left her /////////////////

nmatter homuch
            she tries to forget, 
iwill alWaYbe there.


People sathat
everything happens for a reason
But it would be nice
to know some of the reasons why


f   o  r  m  a  t  :  d  e  f  e  4  t  e  d 


Yohave tbcomfortable
with yourself before you can feel confident all the time                     
whicihard thintdo sometimes

~ Kylie Jenner                                          

       I can'stomyself 
                       f r o m  l i k i n g   y o u  o r  t h i n k i n g   a b o u t  y o u   [x[x[x]
                    t h i n g  I  t h i n k  o f  w h e n  I  w a k e  u p
anth Last

                      I  t h i n k  t h a t ' s  a  c l i c h é   f r o m  s o m e w h e r e 
               {buT  it'S  true.

F o r m a t : m a y d a y
O nce  you   lov e  some one,
                     it'll always hurt to see them with
someon else

f o r m a t : d e f e 4 t e d

It's crazhow
you can go weeks or months without talking to
someone, but somehow the still cross your mind 

 [{                      e  v  e  r   y  d   y                      }]   

Sometimeyomiss thmemories 
not the person


            The best thing
                                           in life is finding someone who knows all your mistakes            ||||||||||||||x
               {& weaknesses 
                                     [x[x[x]    and still thinks you're completely amazing