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Quotes by Cess_me

.....good is good
bad is better??
yes am in pain

i hurt

and its makes me so angry

but I accepted this bodly

you dont see me tearing apart

hunnie there was a man before you

you dont need to see the queue after

that satisfaction you got is false alarm

just grow up!!
What is the coolest thing that happened to you today?

i did my exams and Lord knows it was the fairest
a total stranger picked my book and told me he liked my handwriting. that it was cool
will you hear the ' Hellow' from this side??
i will kill for my life

Christ died for yall

but my life is mine

i know i will never be her..but i hope i fit in the shoes she left behind ;with all the mess included
once he is fed up with the cruelity of the world, he will wait for you..... am waiting already!!
may be if we lose our familiarity we will respect each other just alittle
dear swthrt, what you garbage in i will garbage out if you have never seen a darling and a ruthless girl in one package..try me!! love me;-)