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rude people always have me regret the little deeds i did to them when i cared....
i was seated in our school bus and my seatmate wouldnt let us be in peace...she kept unwrapping her sweets now and then so when i was fed up i watched her unwrap two sweets she offered me the last sweet i dint want her sweet though, it was just irritating for we who forgot to pack our sweets as we do everyday
swahili... Amesema sana mama dunia tambara bovu Kuna asali na shubiri... English translation your mother has told you already the world's a wicked place.. theres honey-good-better sweet parts- and chillies- bitter parts of life
The truth hurts but lying's worst
Snakes hiss no more. They laugh, make merry , make memories even 'love' with you.

Snakes call you bro/siz , bestie, bunny-bunny and that kinda staff

Snakes are all over just don't let them bite
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