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Chris Johnson

-This boy owns my heart. Forever and a day. We have been dating almost 7 months. We have been through alot, but that just proves that nothing can tear us apart. Yes, we're just like all of those other teen couples out there. We have our moments and our fights. But we get over it. Chris is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I will always love him and he will always love me. I love how i can tell him anything, and he doesn't jugde me like everyone else does. I can come to him cryin, and the first thing he says is "Who's ass am I kickin today baby?" He's so sweet. I get butterflies everytime I hear his name. We're gonna be together forever.




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 About Me;
 My name is Taylor. But you can call me whatever you want to call me. Doesn't matter to me. I'm in 8th grade and every year on September 11th, i add one more candle to my birthday cake. I'm pretty shy at first. But once you get to know me, I won't shup up. I'm not perfect, and I'm never gonna be. So if thats what you're expecting, sorry to let you down. I'm fun and crazy. I'm stubborn and concieded. I'm me, and that's all I'm ever gonna be. Don't like me? Not my problem. I live for God, even though i don't go to church every Wednesday and/or Sunday. I have a wonderful boyfriend, he's the iceing to my cake. If the things that we have been through doesn't prove that nothing can tear us apart, then i don't know what will. 3/21/10. Mark it on your calender, cause thats our big 1 year anniversary. I have tons of friends. Without them, i would probably be normal.  

 Who I'd like to meet;
 Justin Bieber, Taylor Lautner, Taylor Swift, Nickleback


       BEST FRiENDS(:

--->iF i FORGOT YA, i'M SORRY.


Quotes by ChEeRWhOrE

Sorry For Being Naughty Santa

my boyfriend is just
to hott to resist

the one who keeps me asleep, on the nights where I can't care less if I ever woke up again.

& your smile

You're the one who keeps me asleep, on the nights where I can't care less if I ever woke up again
your eyesparkle ,

--->and they remind me of the starts in the night sky.


*formation and fade is not mine*

------>what the hell happened to global warming!?

& i read  these quotes

Girls on witty are always talking about how guys excpect them to be just like Barbie. They say that guys think that they should look a certain way and act a certain way. These girls say that when the guys find out that they aren't like Barbie Dolls that they dump them, for someone that is. Okay. But these same girls that are writing these quotes, are turning right around and writing quotes about how they want their guy to be. They write about how they want their guy to do all the right stuff, and say all of the right things at the right time and then when the guys aren't like that, they get all disappointed. So, i think that girls shouldn't be complaining because they are doing the exact same thing as the guys.    
thekeep promising me
that i will love again

but never once have they
promised it would be love like that

i'm scared of death

i'll admit it. i'm scared of death.
alot of people say that they aren't
afraid of dying. well, unlike them, i am.
i'm terrified. i'm young. i haven't got to live
my life yet. i'm not ready to go. i still have to finish
high school and go to college and make something of
myself. i still have to go through a million heart breaks, just to
find that one perfect guy. the one that i'm gonna spend the rest
of my life with. i can't die yet, i have to keep that promise to my best
friend that we will ride around yelling at the cute old men in our 
power scooter chairs when we're 79. i don't wanna die and 
miss things like this. i understand that when it's your time,
then your gonna go, but i don't want my time to be
anytime soon. so, thats why i'm afraid. it's not like
i'm scared of going to heaven. i'm not even
a little afraid of how i will die. i'm just not
ready to leave this world.

lifs     isn't       all     about     being   ---> popular.
it's   not  about  -> f a l l i n g   i n   l o v e <-  when
your   only  twelve  and  staying with  that person
for the    r e s t   o f   y o u r   l i f e.    it's not about
wearing      brand  -  name -  shirts,    and       jeans
with //rips// d->o->w->n the legs.   it's not about
making   an   A   on   every   test.     it's   not   about
hating  your  parents  ------->  for  grounding  you .
Lifes About So Much More
life is about -->being yourself<-- and one one else.
  it's    about   finding    ->that   one   boy<-   the    boy
that gives you {-b u t t e r f l i e s-} everytime that
you     see   him.   the   boy   that   you   have    been
* --->in love<---*  with   since   the  --> first   time
you saw him. -->the one<-- that makes you laugh.
it's  about   being   with him,  and giving  him all you
have.    just     for  him     to     turn    around     and
 --->b r e a k  y o u r  h e a r t  i n t o  p i e c e s<---
its  about  swearing  you  will   never   love   again,
but two months later--> having another boyfriend.
life is about [ --> struggle <-- ] and --->sometimes
failure.      so      > don't <        freak      when      you
dont   make   an   {A+}  on -every- test.   your   not
perfect.   life   is     about    getting  --> in trouble<--
and          being          \_grounded_/       but         you
deal      with      it,      because     deep     down     you
know that your parents do it because they love you.
The OtheDay,
i was at my boyfriends
first baseball game.
i had never seen him
play before then. he
was better then i would
have thought. so when
he got back to the bench,
i walked over there to
tell him how good i thought
he was.

Me: wow! your really good!
Him: thats what she said:)

i jumped 2 feet back and
started screaming,

after about 2 mintues,
i realized it was one of
those "thats what she
said jokes". 

i calmed down:)

You Wanna Look into My Heart?

well it shouldn't be to hard
seeing   a s   how   there's
a   h u g e   c r a c k   in it
Sit' JusLikthat?
your gonna rub it in my face that your
with her now. your gonna go on myspace
and write: haha im over taylor. i have my
wonderful alison
: do i really have to explain
how freakin messed up that is? i mean i know
that you are a real jerk sometimes, but to sink
that low? i never thought you would go so far
to hurt someone. especaily me. im the one that
you tried so hard to keep. im the one that made
you happy. im the one that loved you no matter
what you did or said. im the one that you could
come to crying, and after just a few minutes be laughing
again. and after all that, shes the one your with.
i understand that we had some problems. and that
we really couldnt be together. but when you said
those words -ill wait for you, even if i wait forever- 
well, i believed you. so now im the one
w  i  t  h   a   b - r - o - k - e - n ------> h  e  a  r  t.
a broken heart that will never be fixed.