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Hello There Darling.

They call me 
[ i'm probably the coolest person you'll ever meet ]
im 13 and in the 8th grade at GJHS. Go Raiders! haha
i love my family
Mike;; Nessa;; Mom;;

And Jeremy Joseph Leale is the love of my life!
thruthful, honest people;; sensitive guys
mason musso;; oreo ice-cream
summer;; winterr
music and good food
skater boys;; emo boys
vanilla;; orange
random peoples
gimp and what not

checkout these girlies :)
dancechick3 &* advice4you

backstabbing people
jerks &&
guys who dont care
stealers &+ the word slice

none yet. feel free NOT to change that.(:

Besties; (in order)
1. Talia Tish(:
2.Briana Amador
3.Jackie Curran
1. Jeremy(:
2. Mike Purcell
3. Vince Booth
band- All Time Low;; 30 Seconds to Mars;; Paramore;; Panic! At The Disco :D
ice cream- oreo;; mint choco chip
show- degrassi;; secret life
number- 14;; 16;; 13
flower- rosses(:

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theres lots more but it shows up wierd sorry :(

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Quotes by ChRiStiNaAmBerr

A conversation...
You're afriad of long words?
Isn't that called sesquipedalopho-

.:: fear of going to school ::.
cause you know everyone loves school

.:: fear of choking or being smothered ::.
( I think were all pretty scared of that )


.:: fear of everything ::.

theres this boy, anthony. hes not super cute or popular but he likes me alot. were super good friends and were always hugging and stuff.  and hes extremely nice, we hang out all the time, he buys me stuff, defends me and wont let me do anything of im in danger. (which is a good thing) he wants to go out with me but im not sure how  much i like him plus i dont want to hurt his feelings in the end.
girls we all know how bad a broken heart feels.
then theres brandon. he cute, popular, and were ok friends. i dont talk to him as much as anthony but i like him A LOT!!! and he likes me back and wants to go out with me. im questioning if he means what he says though cause he lies a lot.
can some one either give me advice, make a poem, or fanart to this. just something please.

         *                  *         *        but we kick 
         *           *            *    em to the
          *          *          *         curb unless
       *            *         *      they look like
*         *        *       mick jagger ;)

Dear Santa , I know it might be too late but Idesperate. I have tried so hard all of these years to make sure that I was very good, & I don't think you've been disappointed yet. So I was writing this letter to kind of ask you for a favor. This year, I don't want any of those silly presents; no Abercrombie jeans or Coach purses. All I want this year is someone who is going to love me. Someone who takes time out of his day just to make sure that I woke up alright. Or maybe someone who will call me at 3 in the morning just to tell me that he can't wait to see me again. I've been waiting a long time for someone special, Santa, & this year sounds like a good year for him to be mine. So Santa, if you read this letter & don't think you can find anyone, that's  alright. It's not like I haven't been disappointed before...

i didnt feel like working on it anymore but i will later

                  "SHUT UP!"

      The automatic respose in a fight when some one knows they're wrong.

                                                                                                                                   credit please


Today, I was in english class and each group had to pass up our folders. I noticed that my group's folders make a rainbow. In the dead silence I said "taste the rainbow!" everyone stared.


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