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Hello There Darling.

They call me 
[ i'm probably the coolest person you'll ever meet ]
im 13 and in the 8th grade at GJHS. Go Raiders! haha
i love my family
Mike;; Nessa;; Mom;;

And Jeremy Joseph Leale is the love of my life!
thruthful, honest people;; sensitive guys
mason musso;; oreo ice-cream
summer;; winterr
music and good food
skater boys;; emo boys
vanilla;; orange
random peoples
gimp and what not

checkout these girlies :)
dancechick3 &* advice4you

backstabbing people
jerks &&
guys who dont care
stealers &+ the word slice

none yet. feel free NOT to change that.(:

Besties; (in order)
1. Talia Tish(:
2.Briana Amador
3.Jackie Curran
1. Jeremy(:
2. Mike Purcell
3. Vince Booth
band- All Time Low;; 30 Seconds to Mars;; Paramore;; Panic! At The Disco :D
ice cream- oreo;; mint choco chip
show- degrassi;; secret life
number- 14;; 16;; 13
flower- rosses(:

[♦] online (for now)
[  ] offline
Comment, Rate & Follow (;
!!Fan Art I've Made!!

theres lots more but it shows up wierd sorry :(

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Quotes by ChRiStiNaAmBerr

We'll write a song
that turns out the lights
c a u s e .:. e v e r y
.:: e n d s w i t h a ::.

kiss me.
in the rain, in a car, on the
street, at a beach, [  just kiss me ] ,
so i can feel what its like to
kiss an angel.

i am holding the first ever witty...
Battle of the Bands
from now til the tenth i will be taking nominees!
just comment on this quote with the band(s) you wanna
nominate. oh and when i start the official
Battle of the Bands
i will put them in order from most votes to the ones
at risk of being eliminated! so...
just dont comment my profile... they will not count!!!
any bands are allowed... bands will be eliminated daily from
August 10 to whenever its over
i will post the daily results as a quote and on my profile
(to make it easy to find the will all say _battle123*)
so you can just search that and i will number the results as
day#1, day #2 and so on so you can stay up to date.
what are you witing for?

 So you've never been kissed?
( I can change that)

DEAR SANTA,                        
I know it might be a little too late to write you
this, but I'm desperate. I have tried so hard all of
these years to make sure that I was very good,
& I don't think you've been disappointed yet.
So I was writing this letter to kind of ask you
for a favor. This year, I don't want any of those
silly presents; no Abercrombie jeans or Coach
purses. All I want this year is someone who is
going to love me. Someone who takes time out
of his day just to make sure that I woke up
alright. Or maybe someone who will call me at
3 in the morning just to tell me that he can't
wait to see me again. I've been waiting a long
time for someone special, Santa, & this year
sounds like a good year for him to be mine.
So Santa, if you read this letter & don't think
you can find anyone, that's alright. It's not
like I haven't been disappointed before..
not mine
its just perfect

Today, I popped my G-String while fingering a minor. Now I have to buy a
new violin string. 
i know what you were thinking!


sorry this is not a quote but
→   what does MLIA mean?
this quote has been deleted :(  psych!
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