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Hello There Darling.

They call me 
[ i'm probably the coolest person you'll ever meet ]
im 13 and in the 8th grade at GJHS. Go Raiders! haha
i love my family
Mike;; Nessa;; Mom;;

And Jeremy Joseph Leale is the love of my life!
thruthful, honest people;; sensitive guys
mason musso;; oreo ice-cream
summer;; winterr
music and good food
skater boys;; emo boys
vanilla;; orange
random peoples
gimp and what not

checkout these girlies :)
dancechick3 &* advice4you

backstabbing people
jerks &&
guys who dont care
stealers &+ the word slice

none yet. feel free NOT to change that.(:

Besties; (in order)
1. Talia Tish(:
2.Briana Amador
3.Jackie Curran
1. Jeremy(:
2. Mike Purcell
3. Vince Booth
band- All Time Low;; 30 Seconds to Mars;; Paramore;; Panic! At The Disco :D
ice cream- oreo;; mint choco chip
show- degrassi;; secret life
number- 14;; 16;; 13
flower- rosses(:

[♦] online (for now)
[  ] offline
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!!Fan Art I've Made!!

theres lots more but it shows up wierd sorry :(

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ChRiStiNaAmBerr's Favorite Quotes

You’re only as

~ T A L L
As  your  heart
Will     let    you    be ;
You’re   only   as   
small   as


May make you seem.


Love is like a butterfly, hold
      it too tight it'll crush,
     hold it too loose, it'll Fly

&+ I hate going on Witty and having all these love quotes
and just remembering i dont  have a 
and in the end everyone turns
out to be the person they
swore they'd never become.
This quote does not exist.

The best lyrics are the ones that give you goosebumps, or
make you cry in public, or help you realize the answers.

-Katy Perry

No Matter how far
you go down the wrong  x
road, you can always  x
Txuxrxnx xbxaxcxk
It hurts just to wake up whenever you're
wearing thin. Alone on the outside,
so tired of looking in. The end is
uncertain, and I've never been
so afraid. But I don't need a
telescope to see that there's
hope and that makes me

feel brave.