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Hello There Darling.

They call me 
[ i'm probably the coolest person you'll ever meet ]
im 13 and in the 8th grade at GJHS. Go Raiders! haha
i love my family
Mike;; Nessa;; Mom;;

And Jeremy Joseph Leale is the love of my life!
thruthful, honest people;; sensitive guys
mason musso;; oreo ice-cream
summer;; winterr
music and good food
skater boys;; emo boys
vanilla;; orange
random peoples
gimp and what not

checkout these girlies :)
dancechick3 &* advice4you

backstabbing people
jerks &&
guys who dont care
stealers &+ the word slice

none yet. feel free NOT to change that.(:

Besties; (in order)
1. Talia Tish(:
2.Briana Amador
3.Jackie Curran
1. Jeremy(:
2. Mike Purcell
3. Vince Booth
band- All Time Low;; 30 Seconds to Mars;; Paramore;; Panic! At The Disco :D
ice cream- oreo;; mint choco chip
show- degrassi;; secret life
number- 14;; 16;; 13
flower- rosses(:

[♦] online (for now)
[  ] offline
Comment, Rate & Follow (;
!!Fan Art I've Made!!

theres lots more but it shows up wierd sorry :(

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