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Funny how distance and time,
They don't change at all 
Hello there. My name is Charl and I am 17.  British and proud :)  I am just your average Teenager who is obsessed with quotes!
Ben Howard is my bae
I love Bands


Keep your head up
Keep your heart stong 
Keep your mind set
Keep your hair long

 Music is my life.Ben Howard.Arctic Monkeys.Years and Years.The 1975.Imagine Dragons.Catfish and the Bottlemen. 

Quotes by CharlAldisx

Now she's caught between

What to say and what she really means...

This is not mine, credit to MyImortal for the gif

I hate it when you go to a restaurant and they

say "Would you like a table?"  Well obviously, I

didn't come all the way here to sit on the

carpet did I ?! Jeez


Anyone else tell themselves there going

to have an "early night" and then stay

up till all hours?


When an old song comes on and you just

automatically remember all the lyrics


This is a nice summer



A best friend is there when you have nothing &

more importantly when you feel like nothing.

*Listening to Justin Bieber *

ALAYLM: "Oh, we dont need no wings to fly"

FALL: "If you spread ur wings, you could fly away with me"

ME: "Lost in confusion, like an illusion"
I loved you from the day i met you

there was like a connection

between us and i think it will always

be there no matter what.
It's the first year/time that I have EVER

wanted to have special someone to be

my valentine. He is actually pretty

special. But the sad thing is, I have NO

chance :/

Be strong, keep your head up and

remember you deserve the best

never be happy with less.