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Funny how distance and time,
They don't change at all 
Hello there. My name is Charl and I am 17.  British and proud :)  I am just your average Teenager who is obsessed with quotes!
Ben Howard is my bae
I love Bands


Keep your head up
Keep your heart stong 
Keep your mind set
Keep your hair long

 Music is my life.Ben Howard.Arctic Monkeys.Years and Years.The 1975.Imagine Dragons.Catfish and the Bottlemen. 

Quotes by CharlAldisx

Life is just like a book.
Everyday is a new page.
Every month is a new chapter.
Every year is a new series.
That annoying moment when

you're behind a slow walker

and there is no way around

I want a guy friend who will pretend

to be my boyfriend in awkward

situations when a guy is talking to

Never take someone's feelings

as a joke, you never know how

bad it feels.
When life gives you one hundred

reason to cry, show life you

have one thousand reasons to

Everyone has someone special in

their lives, just like how a lock

will always have a key.
Be Different

Be Unique

Be Yourself
Feelings are like waves.
We can't stop them from coming,
but we can choose which one to surf.
Never let the fear of what other

people think stop you from

being yourself

People call it Valentines Day,

I call it Thursday

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