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my name is paige,
i love to swim and take pictures,
but im no where near as good as
the rest of the world. i love a boy who's broken my heart over and over.
anyway, comment if you feel like it


ChasingTheSunset's Favorite Quotes

Life's a game
but it's not fair

I brake the rules,
so I don't care. 

rain, rain, go away                         ♥    

    that's what all my haters say



between you & i,

      he could never compare to you.

        between you & i, i still keep your pictures 
                underneath my bed.
where he gives himself to me

w h i l e  i  g i v e  m y s e l f

             to you.

between you & i,               

he could never compare to you.
every  girl   has  their
best friend            
& true love.

you know you're lucky if they're all the same person.
The bad guy
-->> lie to get in your bed <<--
The good guys
-->> lie to get in your heart. <<--


You want
what you
can't have,

        &what you can have you

prepare to cower 

 before my 
invincible powers of
 x x________________________x x   
People say they change but really,

 they don't.

   r e m i n d s   m e  o f   y o u .  ♥