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sometimes i regret dropping the medical course because my parents were really angry with me. they figured i'd be a surgeon before i was 21 since i was to get my doctorate at like 17ish but then i realise that they only pay any attention when i slip up on something and don't really care that much for me (middle child problems) and then i realise if i did choose their decisions, i'd be living my life in regret because i didn't take aerospace engineering which i prefered.

my fave thing about being 6'2 is that I CAN EAT LOTS AND NOT GAIN WEIGHT like omlllllll i love being tall but feel sorry for my dad who had to renovate the house so my sisters and i could enter rooms without bending our necks ayay!

finding out that a bahraini mp actually burned an israeli flag in their parliment made my day.

I feel like I’m walking on the blade of a knife. There’s something twisted inside of me and it’s like, if I close my eyes, I can feel something. Something dark and shadowy and far away, but something all the same. Sometimes I pretend it’s you. That you’ve somehow left a part of you behind, in my mind. And that if I whisper very, very softly (sometimes the softest whisper can be heard far better than angry screaming because you’d rather hear the whisper), you’ll hear me. You’ll feel me. You’ll remember. Because I’m sure you’ve forgotten. Everything. But I don’t whisper, because I’d rather sorta believe it’s you than find out for sure that it’s just me. And I’ve gone mad.                                     -Beneath You; Cinnamon 
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“I still catch myself feeling sad about
   things that don’t matter anymore.”

                                   — Kurt Vonnegut
Why do people not know the difference between losing and loosing?