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  â�¤Hey i'm Lily. I live to

cheer. I am a flyer on

my compitition squad.

i post "quotes" for

bases, backspots, and

flyers. So if you are a

cheerleader than you

should follow me!�

Quotes by CheerProbzTho

I'm pretty sure the only reason I like going to school is to see him<3<3
Aren't Wittan's supposed to be girls with no lives or boyfriends? Cause I can prove that wrong!
That awkward moment when... You show up late to practice and everyone just stares at you like you just murdered someone...
So why did I wanna grow up again? Periods, heart breaks, more and more homework, lots of drama. Well I grew up for CHEER.
Having to shave your legs every day, for practice so when people fly you, you don't feel like a gorilla
Wearing the wrong underwear to practice...So then you look like you have two butts... -_-
Okay, well this isn't about cheer but i just wanted to add it. So yesturday at school i was talking to this one really mean and annoying guy. He said to me "You are so annoying, no one will ever love you so you should just kill yourself!" I said back..."Well maybe I will." And he said "Okay good tell me before you do. I'll throw a party after!" And then my best friend (boy) came up and saw me crying and said "Don't cry Lily! You are beautiful! Never kill yourself! I would die if you killed yourself! Never hurt yourself, because I love you!" 

Three Words...HIT YOUR STUNTS!