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  â�¤Hey i'm Lily. I live to

cheer. I am a flyer on

my compitition squad.

i post "quotes" for

bases, backspots, and

flyers. So if you are a

cheerleader than you

should follow me!�

Quotes by CheerProbzTho

That gasp from the audience when a stunt falls
Bruses, Aching Muscles, Sore Body, Shirt/Shoe Burn... It's A Cheer Thing
2 minutes & 30 seconds
Am I the only one whos literally crys during the Animal Abuse commericals??? Like ASPCA??? PEOPLE Please stop Animal Abuse!!!!! What did "your" animals ever do to you???
When I'm at my friend's house and my mom calls:

Me: Guys be quiet! My mom is caling!!! SHHHHHHH

Me *on the phone*:hello...

Friend: Aye Lily pass the weed!

Other Guy Friend: Hey babe get back in bed

Other Friend: F*CK

Me *on mute on phone*: OH MY GOD GUYS SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me *on the phone*: Yeah mom I know okay!

Other Friend: I LOVE YOU LILY'S MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!
I Am A Cheerleader. I am anorexic. I used to smoke. Hate on me? I don't care. Look at all the f*cks i give________________. Yeah no f*cks given.
ASK ME ANYTHING on this "Quote" or on my profile and i will answer it!!!!!!!!
Next time someone tells you cheerleading is easy, tell them to do your routine and then get back to you
My kids have two options.. CHEERLEADING OR GYMNASTICS!
Go jump, flip, lift people, dance, walk tight, and smile for 2 and a half minutes and then tell me cheerleading isn't a sport!