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Quotes by Cheerchic90xo

You know I could be just like you...but you are wrong if you think this... You thought you were standing beside me, but you were onlii in my way!
-I HaVeNt mIsSeD YoU YeT!-
-wHy dO I LoVe yOu?

-Im bEtTeR OfF alOnE.'"*
Dreams-->turn into wishes...
Wishes-->turn into reality...
Reality-->turns into a nightmare...
[|i KnoW WhY ThE BeSt tHiNgS ArE FrEe|]

[*]tHe BEST tHiNgS In ThIs wOrLd aRe fReE BeCaUsE yOu [cAnT] BuY *FrIeNdShIp* AnD YoU [CaNt] bUy <3lUv, bUt yOu !cAn! bUy EnVy aNd yOu <*cAn*> bUY FoEs...