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Tiffany Marie :)

I blow the candles out on November 23rd.
I'm 14 && a Freshmannn.
Currently Singleee
Cheerleading && Volleyball are my sports <3
Dirt racing is my outside of school thingg.
Music gets me through it all when nobody else is there for me.
My bestfriends && family are the people that mean the most to me.
and my haters are my motivators. ;)

I've gone through hell and back my whole life and its crazy how i'm still living today. I dont know my dad, he left 2 days after I was born. My step dad is a huge dick. Nobody seems to care about me and the shit I do.. half the time I feel like im alone.. :/. i've done so much stupid things that can just f*ck up my life, so much.. finally I stopped it all. I'm trying to get my life back together piece by piece. &&&&& having people there for me, would really mean alot... I love talking to new people and i really love helping new people<3

My Bestfriend's have been here with me through it all............

Allissa Rose - UhlissuhXD (hit that girl up on wittyy)
Taylor Morgan
Rachel Matt
Shelby Nicole
Richie Riggs
Aubrey Matt 
and many more, i'm just not with it right nooow ;D.

After being through hell and back with this one guy, and being cheated on... I finally after 3 years.. I'M OVER YOUR ASSSSS. :) effffff' you douchebag<33333333 ;*

I'm freshaa then a mother fuckaa ;) 

I'mmaa crazy, fun outgoing girl and im one of a kind. I never give up on things i want, i keep fighting for it all<3
i love meeting and talking to new people so just comment on my profiless or add me on facebook.. :)


Quotes by Cheergirl8122

I hate being ugly.. :/ i get called it all the time..
I hate being ugly.. :/ i get called it all the time..



Once <33

               You were beautiful; but now your an angel.

                                          Everytime i see the moon; i think of how you always said

                                                             "I'll love you to the moon and back.."
 R.i.p. Tayy<3

It's the furture that really matter's...<3

When you know he/she has a boyfriend/girlfriend, back off and dont flirt with them. like are you stupid? A relationship is for 2 people..



A beautiful girl... now a beautiful angel... <3