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My name is Kia but everyone just calls me Kia Marie mostly because im obsessed with my middle neme<3   I love Cheerleading and boys<3 I love making people smile and I lost my sister 10.17.11</3 so most of my quotes will be about her or my best friends or songs cause im addicted to music(: Thats all(:

Quotes by Cheergirl_817

I hate my life. I truely do. I hate that my sister is dead. I hate that I can never please my mom. I hate that my mom is getting married and i never get time with her. I hate that I can never help my friends. I hate that my dad has never been there for me.. I hate that no matter what i do I can't ever do it right. I hate that I hate myself. I hate that I'm never good enough for guys. I hate that people hate me. I just hate it. 

I try to not feel this way but I cant ever find a way around it.. Its like a giant cloud oveer me and it wont go away.. 

Sorry just venting..

If I could change the past I would bring you back..
I need you, I miss you.
I want yo here safe and sound in my arms<3 

Please come back.. 
I miss you..

I need you..
But you're not here anymore..</3

When your world is falling apart and
no one is there for you..</3

Yes, you.
You are beautiful! don't let anyone tell you different!!

I love spending time with my boyfriend<3

It takes ONE stupid decision to end your life or someone elses when your driving.
Please Witty Im asking you to slow down, put your phone away while your driving, and pay attention to what your doing.
I lost my sister to a stupid driver and I DON'T want any of you to lose anyone to a car accident.
Please Witty be safe! And pass the word on.
Maybe you could save someones life<3

Roses are red, Violets are blue.
Faces like yours belong in a zoo,
Don't be mad I'll be there too.
Not in the cage but laughing at you<3

Jingle Bells sophomores smell, seniors all the way. 
Juniors suck cause they're all slu*ts
and freshys have no say, HEY!