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Quotes by Cheerleader20102013


You can't change what has already happened
so don't waste your time
thinking about it.
Move on, let go and get over it.



Being hurt is something you 
  can not stop from happening,
      but being miserable is always your choice... 



When they say,
"Nobody loves you or
believes in you."
Remember I am that nobody,
who loves you and believes you can
achieve anything.




Do you remember me?
i was your friend
you were single...



If two people are meant for eachother,
it doesn't mean they have to be together
right now... but, they will eventually. 


hannahlovesxox fade
You know what sucks?

Missing someone who doesn't miss you.

If I could tell you one thing,
I guess it would be I love hearing your voice and that your smile just
happens to brighten my entire day.♥


When this detox weekend is over,
I will be going through the quotes I favorited
and follow the girls who made the quotes I liked.
You actually deserve it.


Don't promise me forever,
just promise me tonight.


I'll never regret who I am,
                                     Because every mistake, every tear
every struggle that I've had to
                                                                come across has made me who I am.
                                                                          I love who I am, I'm not ashamed anymore.