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Hey my name is Kyra!(: 
i live in New York! And love it, except the winters.
So there's this guy....
I'm 16 years old [: 
I'm obviously a Cheerleader ^^ lol been doing it since I was little.
im currently SINGLE so guys hmu (;
snapchat me if you want @ kyradunn97 
text me if ya want @ (862)-243-7387 (:
follow me on twitter: KyraMahone 

anyways talk to me I don't bite...hard ;p lol jk

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cute guys kik me: kyraelisse
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You can clutch the past so tight to your chest that it leaves your arms to full to embrace the present.
Realatonships are like glass. Sometimes It's better to leave them broken,than to try and hurt yourself putting it back together...</3
A guy should ruin your lipstick not your mascara...<3
i miss what we had...take me back?

Guys,you can tell us we don't need make up to look pretty or beautiful but we all know deep down inside you'd rather see us wear it...(;

Fave if: your parents dont know you have a witty...
So I wonder if random adults sit in a room and think of ways to torture the teenage soul...
1.Bad hair
4.Breaking up