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Hey my name is Kyra!(: 
i live in New York! And love it, except the winters.
So there's this guy....
I'm 16 years old [: 
I'm obviously a Cheerleader ^^ lol been doing it since I was little.
im currently SINGLE so guys hmu (;
snapchat me if you want @ kyradunn97 
text me if ya want @ (862)-243-7387 (:
follow me on twitter: KyraMahone 

anyways talk to me I don't bite...hard ;p lol jk

Quotes by Cheerleader2011

Guy: Why are you wearing make up? You don't need it babe...

Girl:Because it makes me feel good about myself...

Guy: No more make up!!!Your perfect the way you are...

Girl: But I'm afraid you won't like me if I don't wear it.

Guy:I fell in love with you because of your personality,not cause of how you look or how much make up you wear. (:
Fave if you remember when Jesse McCartney was who everyone talked about,and was obsessed with... (:
'melissalovessteven' you are like the sister i never had, and your the best. I wish good luck for you and steven(cute couple)
love your sister. Kyra<3

Hey I just met you
and this is crazy,but heres a quote,so fave it maybe?

If love is shelter,I'm going to walk in the rain...

So right about now you should be on 'Iamawesome15's know why? This guy gives me hope...he's the sweetest thing,and he's always willing to talk! So yeah fave this quote and then go follow him... (:


When your playing hide and seek with your friends and no one wants to be it so you play the 
"1 2 3 not it game"

Can someone please chat with me right now?(:

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