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hey witty! i basically have a story just like all you doo! but if you readd my little boxes right there, i think youll know a tinnny bit more. My name is Kelsey. My bestfriends have a witty ( we_love_you) and if you go to that page youll learn a ton more about me, see me and yeah meet my friends who i love to death!
i love you babe <3

heyy everyonee. i love witty more then anything.this is my old witty and  if my old friends ever saww this they would be surprisedd. thank god i have my bestfriends i love them to death. my boyfriend is amazing, hes my bestfriend, the funniest person i know, and the easiest to talk to hangout with, i could goo on forever, i love when people ask me to give em advice on guys. ive been with mine for over a year now, even though i hate him sometimes and hes crazyy and annoys me on days, i love him to death :) this is basically my diary. so feel free to talk to me. i can tell you, im probably more like you than you think, everyones witnessed hell, and if you want to get to know me, just ask!
well hey ! this is my personal witty, so even though i dont have the most creative thoughts its basically been my diary since i was in middle school, before my friend witty, and its helped me get through so much. so thanks to the girls on witty that have helped. im so  17 and if you want to know about me just ask! i love talking to peole and have made a couple of great friends on witty! i bet we're more alike than you could ever think


lolol i love giving advice and i really have so much to say, witty girls have helped me with my relationships gettting my amazing boyfriend and so on, so PLEASE ask! i know i can help! and hope something good comes out of my advice for you.
We have all been threw stuff, beileve me, i am willing to help anyone with any problem so ask me for help! comment or anything. also wiitty friends are amazing and  i have a couple of great people who i actually have met one of them! i feel like people on witty dont realize how much people are there for them, everyone has a story, and if you're interested in my crazy life, ask away!


Quotes by Cheerstar143

And  no  matter what you do...
I have a feeling im always going to want to get back with you.
This Quote:

has made me smile/cry everytime i read it

I know you may "l i ke him"
but if he has a girlfriend leave him alone
even if he talks to you first
hes with her for a reason
its hurts like hell, when you're the girl.

There are different types of love.   

 ..there is love fo your family and sometimes you forget how much you need them, but there will be a time you wish you hugged your mother and told your dad your still his little girl 
there is love for your friends you probably forget how much they have helped you, through the littest thing, and how much you need them, dont overlook them
there is love for something  maybe a hobby, sport, diary, witty something that defines you for who you really are
then theres him or her  whether your gay or straight  there is someone who you love being around, you feel like a little kid and just smile and laugh like an idiot, maybe hes a douche, you'll find they right one, I promise.

love keeps us all going, never give up 

thertheand  andan 
i love my boyfriend <3
fave i i  f    y ou   doo   to :)


 When you have nothing left but love.


your finally become aware that love is enough♥ 

its more like tripping in love ♥ ...
because you dont plan when your going to fall, and there is not always someone waiting to catch you


girl, i want  you to <3 this quote
if you are going through a lot, or if you have a broken heart then come back and comment when once you know youre so much better than everyone else says you are :)

i want to give everyone a chance to get advice
i know how hard it is to go through heartbreak, not getting him to even know you are alive, loving someone who doesnt like you, friend problems, personal/ family problems. girls of witty comment on this if you dont know who to turn to, i have never been so happy with my life i want to guide you through the steps, since you have all helped me.

xox kelseyy

Actually guys, your judgment is all wrong, 
being a girl is 
about acting strong even when you're not, it's about going through pain every single day and coming out with a smile.