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Chelsea Erin <3
im 16; blow out my candles on april 28th.
im a varsity cheerleader and a high school junior. i have one sister who is 28 nicole i love her with all my heart. i also have a baby neice, Cassidy Jane<3
 im afrad of so many things. i have found perfect love<3 Percy Steele is the best boyfriend anyone could ask for and makes me so happy i love him. i need him for everything,
i have my 2 besties who are on here i couldnt handle life without them. comment if you ever want advice or just wanna talk :)

Quotes by Chels548Xo

the awful moment when you're waiting for a text and you know you wont get it but you keep checking anyway

ladies, i havent been on witty in months and months but i could really use your help. ik this isnt pretty so most of you will scroll write past it but idrk how to make quotes pretty. so i have this guy best friend since october and in june he stopped talking to me(just as friends) for the girl he liked(reason behind that) but the other night he talked to me and confessed that he had liked me from november to june. my boyfriend of 7 months,who i love very much (the guys are friendly) flipped out because we were talking and acted like i was cheating on him. but we only talked for 2 nights there was NOO cheating. and no my guy friend is no longer talking to me because he feels he broke bro code. i REALLYYY still want to be friends with him he was an amazing best guy friend. but my boyfriend would hate it. WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?!?!? please help me<33333333333 write on my profile or comment on this or anything please and thanks

& all i want to know is what goes through your mind when we walk by each other  in the hallways. cause for me it's just a simple question, " how could you? "

& dont you dare;
talk to me like this,
make me happy,
lead me on,
if you are just going to turn and walk away, right when i think you are gonna
catch me.

i havent been happy in the longest time and now i am; thanks to you <3

1. male friend: Richard (mabey)
2. female friend:  Sam
3. Vacation: Florida
4. Age: 15
5. memory: July 06, 2011 
1. Time of day: earlyy
2. Day of the week: monday
3. Food: peas. ;x
4. Memory: march 18, 2011
5. Subject: science
1. Person(s) you saw: Megs
2. Talk on the phone:  Richard
3. Hugged: baby Jenna
1. Kiss: real kiss? Nick
2. Car: don't drive
3. First school: tiny tikes
4. Job: don't work.
1. What are you doing now: music witty fb thinking
2. Tonight: was bad
3. Wearing: big t shirt
4. What did you eat for lunch: pasta
5: Better than yesterday: hell no
1. Is:  friday
2. Got any plans: with the family and bestie for the mall :).
3. Goal: graduate hs and college live a happy successful life
4. Dislikes about tomorrow: i dont wanna see someone i might have to
5. Do you have work: no
1. Number: 54
2 Songs:  I'm Yours, Best Love Song, How to Love, Catch Me. the list goes on forever
3. Colors: blue&neon pink. and purple especially<3
4. Season: summerrrrr
5. State: new york
1. Are you in love?: nopee
2. Dating someone: wanna be but no
3. Missing someone: duhhr.;* 

someone talk to me pretty please im bored and would like to vent/help people <33
you really had to have my friend tell me you didnt like me after liking me for soooooooo long?? you couldnt just have the balls to do it yourself? what the hell dick </3

 fave if you think thats a douche move

someone talk to me leave a comment on my page <333
& i just found out his favorite color is red <3