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                    Hey Guys and Gals,

Am a Million dollar teenage queen lol (JK)
Just a teenager

                             Kinda silly,crazy at times,
                    cry,smile,laugh,tease others ,and enjoy with friends !!

                                    Celebrate my B'day on 2nd Nov,
I feel this is enough to tell about myself!
                         THIS IS ME!

Quotes by Cher1sh

          In a time where the sun descends alone
          I ran a long,long way from home to find
          a Heart thats made of stone,I will try
          I just need a little time,to get your
          face outta my mind,to see the world 
          through different eyes,Everytime I 
         see you Oh I try to hide away,but when
         we meet it seems I cant let go,
         Everytime you leave the room I feel am 
               FADING LIKE A FLOWER.

    its mine as much i know,NO jocking pls..    

                                 I love you                      More than
                               Dr who and the             Cybermen more
                             Than a the fact              that you always 
                            Break my heart I love you more than hot.
                            Chocolate topped Marshmallows,,,I love
                            You more than Bonnie loved clyde.I love 
                             You more than the flower loves sun ,I love
                              You more than you love me,,,I love you
                               more than Bee loves honey,I love you
                                 more than gangster loves his bling
                                  I love you more than words can--
                                    say,I love more than women ---
                                     loves diamonds,i love you
                                      more than dog loves to-
                                        bark,i love you more 
                                          than she says she
                                          says she do infact
                                          I love almost as
                                                Much as 
                                                  I love

Uglyyyy? I made it sorry if its not looking good.

                        One day you'll ask me
                      What is more important to you?Me or your life?
                         I'll say my life & you'll walk away leaving me alone
                                Without knowing.......That you are 
                                                     My  Life............

credit to whoever! it just kinda  touched me ..Fav it pls :p

                                                        As long as we have memories,                                                            
                                                              yesterday remains,                                                                               
                                                          As long as we have hope,                                                                      
                                                               tomorrow awaits,                                                                                   
                                                         As long as we are friends,                                                                      
                                                        EACH DAY IS NEVER A WASTE. . . . . . .                                                     

got it from a forward mail hehe so credit if you like!!

                                 Dear Ex-,Welcome to Dumpsville.
                                              Population is 

credit to myexhatesme..
                    The world is going to Hell
                       And I'm the one who is driving
                                 The bus....

read it somewhere lmao i love it..So credit for adding it here Lol

                                Good guys go to heaven

guys Go to women..

lmao read on someone's t-shirt.Don't know if someone already have no credit.

                      Her: What you hate the most?
                      Him: ummmm Liars.
                      Her: That means you hate yourself too?:-o

I guess its mine!

                Don't change yourself      
                 To become the             
                  You are Not...           
Just tried to make it pretty,I'm bad with colours though.. 
            Credit to bbstar100           

                                I'm the kind of girl who dont think before eating high
                                calorie food and then later when I gain weight, I
                                get worried and reliaze i should'nt have ate that.

                               And after reliazing still eat that food and always repeat....

I guess its mine so credit,but if someone already used it then credit to them,didnt meant to steal but I actually do that..