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                    Hey Guys and Gals,

Am a Million dollar teenage queen lol (JK)
Just a teenager

                             Kinda silly,crazy at times,
                    cry,smile,laugh,tease others ,and enjoy with friends !!

                                    Celebrate my B'day on 2nd Nov,
I feel this is enough to tell about myself!
                         THIS IS ME!

Quotes by Cher1sh

             We live in a world ,
              where Pizza gets to your home,

                    before Police...

read it somewhere,found it kinda c00l.

                         Me & you are friends,
                         You smilE , I smilE,

                           You hurt , I hurt,

                            You cry , I cry , 

                           You jump off BridGe ,

              I'm gonna mi$S your Text's^^

Not mine,
credit for edit & colours...
        Ugly colours though..xD



                          Never leave the one you love

                               for the one you like.

                          Coz the one you like will leave you for the one 

                                         They love!



      When someone you love becomes a memory,

        The memory becomes a treasure.

Sometimes those who give advice

are in need of it the most!!

Do you think thats true?Comment xD

                       You doNt have to lie to make friends,
                             Just have to lie to Keep Them!


                                    When the world is hating,
                       Just take it all in,
                          It might be worth something,
                                     One Day~*~

If you dont like thats Ok,but pls dont hate it=)

        I have you in my heart~*
        I have you in my liver~*


       If i had you in my arms i'd throw you in da river~*

I love it!!

                             The Scariest Thing In Your Life Is To                             
                                   Wake Up When You are Old &                                 
                                      Realize  You Never Really LiveD                           



~You doNt deServe Me

I know thats tRue,

But  I want you Soooooo baD

What Do I Do?~

                                             Comment If ya like xD