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Well, hello there beautiful♥ You appear to have stumbled onto my profile - you lucky thing. A lot of my posts are my way of expressing how I am feeling, and so may come across as angry, sad, lost ect. I am pretty f*cked up, and a lot of my quotes convey just that. If you can relate, then why not follow? Leave me something to look at before you leave my page. Yours truly, Gillian♥

Quotes by CherryPop

I hate my father.

That moment of unbelievable awkwardness

When you have to explain a joke.


Just because you change a word or two slightly
Doesn't mean it's not jocking





I'm proud of my heart-

It's been broken, bruised, stabbed, cheated, burned and played with.

But somehow, it still works.

















The heart has reasons

that  reason  cannot  understand.



Today I met a guy who stole my heart,
& won't give it back.



Talk to the booty,
'cause the face is off duty.


Absence makes the

heart go




Live by the sun,
Dance by the moon.


is like saying
"the dog died, but we can still keep it"