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Well, hello there beautiful‚ô• You appear to have stumbled onto my profile - you lucky thing. A lot of my posts are my way of expressing how I am feeling, and so may come across as angry, sad, lost ect. I am pretty f*cked up, and a lot of my quotes convey just that. If you can relate, then why not follow? Leave me something to look at before you leave my page. Yours truly, Gillian‚ô•

Quotes by CherryPop


if you pocket-dialled a celebrity or misdialled a number and actually phoned a celebrity.

You'd be all like


"Sorry, this is Lady Gaga"


People will start an argument over anything

now, and I don't see the point in it. Obviously, if it's something that deeply offends you and you feel strongly about it - then I actually encourage you to give your opinion on the matter
(as long as it is respectfully)
but why make stupid comments on quotes that people put a lot of effort into for the sake of it?

That debate you have with yourself

on whether or not you should fav a really good quote but with a spelling mistoke.

s e e m s     t o     b e     d y i n g     o n     w i t t y .

It's Okay . . .
I didn't want the mother f//cking reply in the first place, anyway,
because that would just have been so unreasonable.


I can accept that my spelling is f//cking disgracful,

But I know the basics.
Your | You're
Where | Wear
There | Their | They're

I don't know about you guys
but whenever I see a quote with a 'follow' button below,
it actually disencourages me to follow them.
It's like I'm being forced into a relationship
and I'm all like
"Woah, buddy. Don't get ahead of yourself. We've only saw each other once. This is just moving too fast for me."

it just seems a bit desperate. sorry, no offence intended.


when commenting
on a quote is the perfect way to express your appreciation
Reasons why I get
up in the morning:
I have to pee









I just wanted to say that I'm done. I'm done with you and all your sh//t.

I just can't do this anymore.



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