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Well, hello there beautiful‚ô• You appear to have stumbled onto my profile - you lucky thing. A lot of my posts are my way of expressing how I am feeling, and so may come across as angry, sad, lost ect. I am pretty f*cked up, and a lot of my quotes convey just that. If you can relate, then why not follow? Leave me something to look at before you leave my page. Yours truly, Gillian‚ô•

Quotes by CherryPop

#stop hashtagging unneccessarily.

Every minutes like an ( ( hour ) ) ,
E v e r y h o u r s l i k e a d a y ,
Everyday          lasts          forever
B u t | w h a t | e l s e | a m | I | g o n n a | d o ?
Id wait for ever and a day for you.

L O V E .
I try to think of the biggest mistake
I ’ v e e v e r m a d e i n l i f e .
Maybe it was sniffing icing sugar.
O r  m a y b e ,
It was trying to do the splits
O v e r [ b u n k b e d s, ]
Or maybe it’s leaving all my
Homework till l a s t m i n u t e .
>> A c t u a l l y , N a h h . . . <<
M y b i g g e s t mistake w a s
Loving you.
Probs doesn’t make sense :P
Take a penny and some magic
Even though your life is tragic ,
You can throw all your dreams down the well.

___ ( Although everyday the pain grows
You ride unicorns on rainbows ,
) ___
If you throw all your dreams down the well.
When your life's come apart at the scenes
And you've given up all your
dreams ,
(_.·´¯`·×» Here is just the means
[ ( to make those dreams come true. ) ]

No more suffering, no more sighin' No more pain and no more cryin',
When you throw all your dreams down the well

&Here's to the Girls
who never won.
The girls who sat late at night listening to music
that inspires them to do things next to i m p o s s i b l e.
The girls that laugh, smile and cry on a daily basis.
The girls who live, learn and regret.
The girls who may never have it easy.
The girls who learned the hard way, and (lived to tell about it).
The real girls.

T O . M A K E . U S . H A P P Y
but [[ sometimes ]] we need it


I won't try to philosophize
I'll just take a deep breath
And I'll look in
Y o u r e y e s
This is how I feel
And it’s
So Surreal.

Dear wind,
don't forget to
t a k e m e a w a y .

I am sick of living life
hanging by strings.
Take me,
i w i l l b r e a k free .

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