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My name is Emme. You can just call me Em. I may seem shy and quiet, but when you get to know me, I'm Not. So basically I love One Direction (NO HATERS) and I like some different types of music: Breaking Benjamin. I have a dog: she's a beagle, and I'm obsessed with wolves.
I love to read and write stories. (Yes, i'm THAT type of girl. I'm also the type that spends her very *normal* life on the computer 24/7.)
 Me and my friend Jordan have a band called Angelwingz. We're on Youtube.
I can be sarcastic and sassy. And yeah, the total Opposite of quiet. I'll chat and stuff with people and if i really like talking to them, i might give out my email. Maybe.

I also have a instagram. Follow me as: Chicmisspriss.

Best friends in the world

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