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Quotes by Chloe149

when you hear someone likes you and even
though you've never talked to them, a tiny part of 

you starts to like them back...
So a few days ago I drew a sketch of a boy
and I can’t draw boys, like, at all.
So my dad looks at it and he’s a doctor and this
is the conversation we had:
Dad: -points- This drawing is not anatomically correct.
Me: Well why not?
Dad: Well, let’s just say, if this boy existed he would need serious medical help.
Me: Gee thanks
The amount of encouragement in our family is astounding.
Looks aren't that important for me.
I just want a guy who smiles,
who makes me laugh uncontrollably,
who isn't afraid to talk to me when his friends are around,
who likes the same things I like,
who I can have an intellectual coversation with
nd talk about random stuff for hours and hours.
And to be perfectly honest if he has all these things,
I don't need looks at all because I know one thing.
've already fallen for him.
Does anyone else like a person
for no reason whatsoever,
they aren't popular, sporty or hot
but you're attracted to them and
you don't know w
I wonder if anyone actually thinks
about me during school and goes:
wow she's beautiful
My condition's getting worse.
I am now seeing food when
I hold my cursor on the witty sign.
When I was little,
the only way I remembered
how to spell vegetable was
get - your -veg -at - the - table
rearrange those babies and 
instant word done. 
You're welcome.

(I take cash only.)
when I say, "its a long story"
that either means
a) I don't know the full events of this story, so you better not ask me.
b) This story will end in tears and an emotional whirlwind of feelings, so please do not ask me.
or c) I'm lazy, I'm tired and I don't like you so kindly stop talking to me and don't even think about asking.
Is it too much to ask for gum that keeps its flavour.

Piglet: How do you spell love Pooh?
Pooh: You don't spell it Piglet, you feel it.