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Quotes by ChrisMat

Oh! Darling, if you leave me
I'll never make it alone
Believe me when I beg you
Don't ever leave me alone

                                       ~Oh! Darling - The Beatles

Shot through the heart

And you're to blame!
                                                             ~You give love a bad name - Bon Jovi


when you're on your period.


I do what I can.


.I want to live not to die||         .


.   want to live not to die|        


.    to live not to die|        


.   not to die|         


. die|        

Until one day, you stopped caring
And began to forget why you tried to be so close
  And you disappeared into the darkness
And the darkness turned to pain
And never went away
Until all that remained
Was buried
Deep beneath the surface..

                                                  ~~Beneath the surface - Dream Theater

Ιn every life we have some trouble
but when you worry you make it double.
Don't worry, Be happy.
                                 ~Don't Worry be Happy - Bobby McFerrin
So many quotes about Turkey O:
Does anyone know what happened in Greece?


Roses are red

Violets are blue

I've got five fingers

Guess which one's for you

                            ~Talking Angela

You don't have to be beautiful
To turn me on..

                                                                              ~Kiss - Prince
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