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Quotes by ChrisMat

How many times can we win and lose?

How many times can we break the rules between us?


Only teardrops..

How many times do we have to fight?

How many times 'till we get it right between us?

Only teardrops..

~Only teardrops – Emmellie de Forest


the fear of being stared at


Love bites,

love bleeds,

it's bringing me on my knees.

Love lives,

love dies,

it's no surprise.

Love begs,

love pleads,

It's what I need.

                                                     ~Love Bites – Def Leppard


Why is misheard pronounced as mis-heard?

Seriously, WHY?

Shouldn't it be pronounced as mish-eard?

I'm not even kidding.

I'm complicated,
Get frustrated.
Right or wrong,
Loved or hated
I'm complicated,
and can't sedate it.

                           -Comlicated ~ Bon Jovil



Ερωτικά Τρίγωνα -.-









Stars can't shine without darkness.











Sometimes it's better to be alone.

Nobody can hurt you.



Just because you care about someone, doesn't mean you have a crush on him.
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