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Just commented on someone's profil. So did 5 ppl after me. The person replied to each and every one of them except me. WTH?>.>
Crush Problem
*talking to best friend*
Bestie: What can I do to make you feel better?
Me: Nothing. You can't just change my mood..... i'm sick.
*thinking to myself*
Who am I kidding? If only he said he's sorry.
If only he said hi.
If only he asked how I'm doing.
It would all be better.
Just with a smile, just with a hi, just by showing he cares, he can fix everything. He can fix me.
Because us, girls, could write a whole book about you, but you don't even bother to say Hi.
Eliminate the right,
Eliminate the wrong,
Eliminate the weak,
Eliminate the strong,
Eliminate your feelings,
Eliminate too late,
Eliminate the hope,
Eliminate! Eliminate!

                            ~Elimination - Overkill
"Try not to become a man of Success, but rather to become a man of Value."
                                                                                               ~Albert Einstein
I miss the good old days.
I miss the days we used to talk on a daily bases.
I miss all the sweet things you said me.
And you know what? It's not my fault. 
I just wanted to be your friend. But then, you changed my plans.
You were the one talking to me so nice that no-one had talked to me before.
You were the one that made me feel loved.
You were the one that made me feel clever, beautiful and special.
You were the one that made me fall in love with you.
And then suddenly you ruin everything.
You stop talking that much.
You stop making all the jokes.
You stop helping me through rough times.
You stop caring.
And I miss that.
I miss the cute things.
I miss all the compliments.
I miss the sweetness kindness, beauty (inside and out) and truth.
I miss you.
You have to struggle to get what you want, but it's more important to fight to keep it once you have it.
The words you say the most, yes and no, are the words you think about the most before saying. ~ Pythagore.
Ι mean, think about it. Nothing lasts longer than life. 
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