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My names Chrisi. I grew up in Upstate New York then I moved to Georgia this summer, but my heart will always be in NY. I'm 16 and a Junior in highschool. Sports used to be my life, especially soccer. Ever since I moved nothings quit been the same and I guess I'm trying to feel like myself again. God is my everything. I have some incredible friends back home in NY, no way i'd be where i am today without them. Want to know anything else about me, ask.

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... & what hurts the most is knowing I'm slowly losing him and there's not a thing I can do about it ♥
I want to go back to...
practically living with my friends
actually enjoying every day at school
having my brothers around
playing soccer & running track with my best friends
being super close to my entire youth group
seeing him at youth and church
the summer days I spent with him
the summer nights I spent with my best friends
New York <3

... but then again, God did bring me here, I guess it would just be nice to know why <3
It's sick what our society is coming too,
innocent little children loosing their lives, their future, their potential.
This should be a wake-up call to our generation. Gun control is not what we need.
We need to
& care more about others than we do ourselves.
Once we wake up and realize our selfishness and lack of concern for others who are lost and hurting is what causes these tragedies, maybe they can be prevented.

I get so jealous everytime I see a couple,
not because they have somone to make them feel special
not because I don't like being single, but because.. 
they get to see that person on a weekly basis, if not a daily one.
Because they don't have to say goodbye knowing they won't see them again for 7 months.
Because they know the next time they see that person everything will still be the same.. they don't have to live in constant worry that they will be replaced or forgetten..
because their person doesn't live 15 hours away.


I don't know what to do...
Do I listen to my head and let it all go.. forget about all the little things that meant the
world to me? Do I forget all the times he'd stay up all night talking to me, because he knew I was upset and couldn't sleep? Do I forget how he spent 2 hours coming up with corny jokes at 3 in the morning.. just to make me laugh. Do I forget all the sweet things he'd do/say to me? Do I forget that everyone could see what was between us, excpet him?
Do I listen to my head and let go because I'm in a different state now, because he's not allowed to date till he's 16, because I've never been big into dating, because he won't admit to what's between us?
Or do I listen to my heart and hold on, because he's my bestfriend.. and distance hasn't changed that, because he's one of the few i'm still close with and because actions speak louder than words?
What do I do? </3
The scariest thing about distance is not knowing wether they will miss you or forget you <3
The Night Before Life Goes on by Carrie Underwood is exactly how I felt this July <3

... and then again wednesday night when we had to say goodbye again <3
I stayed with his family the last few nights before I moved, he held me everytime i'd start to cry. We watched a movie and cuddled on his coach untill 3 in the morning.A month later I asked him about it, because bestfriends don't act like we did. He told me he was just comforting me because I was upset.We skype all the time. I visted this week. One of our friends moms was talking about what it would be like if I married him, i've never told her how I feel about him. One of the guys from our church asked if we were dating. We went out with 2 of our friends who are dating, everyone thought it was a double date.He was picking on me/tickling me/flirting with me the entire time I was home, just like he used to before I moved. When we were saying goodbye yesterday he cried and told me he loved me while we were hugging. He's my bestfriend and it's obvious to everyone around us that I like him.. except him. We act like we're dating and anyone who doesn't know us thinks we are. My brain tells me to move on, I live way far away now and he won't even admit to what's between us. My heart says to hold on. I don't know what to do :(

He is going to write me legit letters once I move <3

Me: *just said something stupid*
Him: haha :)
Me: My bad :P
Him: It's okay!
Me: I'm special :)
Him: Of course you are!