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Quotes by Chrissikatelyn411

Selena: who says, who says your not perfect? 
Hannah: nobodys perfect!


well, i guess we have our answer!


i want a relationship
just like in all the '80s movies

why cant boys be as romantic as before?

age 5: i got the 120 pack of crayons first!
age 10: i got a bike first!
age 12: i got a phone first!
age 13: i got my first kiss first!
age 16: i got pregnant first!
... honey, i think you missed the point


m     i    ne


dear heartbroken girls,

i know this quote probably wont get any faves
but thats ok because that is not what its for.

this is for the girls who gave the guys everything and then got their hearts broken.

for the girls who love a boy who loves your best friend.
this is for the girls who spend forever in the morning doing their hair hoping that the boy they like will notice.
this is for the girls who are made fun of or bullied.
this is for the girls who struggle with a loss.
this is for the girls who love a boy that doesnt love you back.

this is for the girls.
you dont need him. he doesnt deserve you. things will get better. you are beautiful and strong and amazing.
dont ever let anyo ne tell you differently

i love you.
you are notalone.




the other day,
my boyfriend was upset about something.
& one of my best guy friends goes, how can you be upset when you have such a beautiful girlfriend?!
and my boyfriend felt better<3 


things that i hate #5
when ugly quotes without colorful formats, fancy writing, and crazy colors, get almost no faves.
for example, this quote.


things that i hate #3
when super skinny girls call themselves fat
just so that you will tell them that they arent

things that i hate #2

wh3n ppl t@lkkk lyk di$ & yoohh wanna punch em in da f@cee

things that i hate #1
 when you are on your period and someone goes, "chill! are you on your period or something?!" 
- and you actually ARE

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