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Chrissikatelyn411's Favorite Quotes

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This quote does not exist.
la la la;
la la la;
it doesnt matter.
la la la;
oh well.
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Brick wall, waterfall, girl you think you got it all.
You don't, I do, so BOOM with that attitude.

Peace, punch, Captain Crunch, I got something you can't touch.
Bang bang, choo choo train, wind me up I'll do my thang.
Reese's pieces, 7up, mess with me, I'll mess you up.

I know karate, I know kung fu, make a move, I'll have to use it on you

So elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist, back off girl,

you just got dissed.

Roses are Blue
Violets are Unicorns
This Poem doesn't make any sense




My eight year old sister's advice on boys:

Me: What do you do when you like a boy?
My Sister: You tell him.
Me: And if he doesn't like you?
My Sister: You kill him.

Mom: So are you ready for school tomorrow?
Me: What? i don't start tomorrow. I start Wednesday.
Mom: What are you talking about?
Me: September 1st is when I start mom.
Mom: No. Stop being silly. I'm waking you up at six tomorrow
Me: Why? the train doesn't leave until eleven.
Mom: What train? Stop being ridiculous. You're scaring me. Now did you get all of your supplies?
Me: No. I have almost everything, but i still need my owl. Will you pick it up for me?
Mom: Taylor, i'm serious. Quit it.
Me: Mom i'm scared.
Mom: Oh honey! why?
Me: ...What if they put me in Hufflepuff?
No mom, I go to Hogwarts. 

&& who else didnt know witty had a chat?