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Hello, my name is Christina.
Just a highschool girl, struggling to get good grades, get to her job ontime,
finish all her homework and try to get into a good college. I also have a few hobbies <3

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Thank you so much! Hope you enjoy reading what I've written :)

Quotes by Memorium*

You lost this match.
    -Poem by Christine Vega    

Feeling lost and broken
All the words left unspoken
I'm broken and bruised
I'm an old toy; I am used.
I don't want to affect you.
I don't need to take the blame.
But when pain comes like the flu.
And you're stuck feeling blue.
Don't come back to me; you're unwanted.
You're not forgiven, and when your bleeding
I'll turn away.
But now nobody is falling for your games.
You are a fool. I'm no longer tool.
I see how you are; Where the darkness lies.
Deep within, inches under the skin
Pathetic sneaks in. Weakness stands and shouts.
When your on the ground you'll ask me where am I now
But I'm not coming back, that is a fact!
I see right through your dumb little acts!!
Press X - Y - Z
Leave it to me, get through round 3
I never meant to you what you meant me,
But that's okay cause I now see through the screen!
You lost this match, I won't take it all back
Take yourself home, where you are alone. 
You betrayed the only person who cared about you.
Now nobody is left, one day you'll know the feeling of
being broken and bruised.
Lost and confused, with nothing to do.
I'd wish the best to you, but the best thing you had was me.
And I no longer want you! 

  i feel broken inside and i dont know what to do
i feel like any minute id lose my mind like i lost you
i can't let go of this pain
i cant let go of this urge to break down this time
being strong is really hard to do

i dont know how much more i can possibly take
how many more smiles 
i could possibly fake
how many more miles  these scarred up legs can make

I cover up the scars and bruises so you don't see and become afraid of seeing the darkness within me.

Original poem by Christine Vega

Yes, on the outside I'm smiling and laughing.
But if you stare deeper into my eyes, 
You'll see right through my little lies.
On the inside I'm dying and cracking.
Bruising, burning, and bleeding.
Searching, confused and
I don't know what to do.

Look into my eyes and you will see the truth.

LYRICS of "Sorry that I loved you" by Anthony Neely

so sorry that I hurt you
ry that I fell through
orry I was falling in love with you
sorry that it came true
But sorry doesn't turn back time
For al
l that I have done to you
I wish that I could make it right
o sorry that I loved you
Sorry that I needed you
orry that I hold you tight
d I'm So sorry for..
you love me and saying goodbye
For being
the one that taught you how to cry
It was
love love love and it passed us by
For giv
ing you every thing that you dreamed
r taking it back when I fled the scene
Sorry love, for wasting your time
Sound, Strength and Power.

-Christine Vega

To all the screams I left in silence.
To the bright thoughts I left behind in darkness.
To all the people who trust me, listen to these lies;
I am having fun, I'm also feeling fine.
I'll count to thirty, while you go run and hide.
While I go searching, a "real" smile you will find.
To the very few I trust, listen to the truth.
I need something more than ever, 
and that something is you.
You lean on me and I lean on you.
This is the best of all, when we are feeling blue.
So the quiet in my words outloud shall never be so true.
But the yelling in my written letters will always be nonfiction.
To all the ones whose pain I bathe in.
You should know the poison you're afflicting.
I may be your burden. I may be your gentle star.
But no matter where in this world you are,
you'll always make an impact.
Whether that's good or bad, we cannot control that.
Whether we are happy or sad, can we control that?
Whether they feel angry or scared, we cannot that.
In this world we may feel powerless.
But when you're in the darkness,
with those you don't trust,
and you're not feeling safe enough,
but have the strength to stand with honesty and courage;
That's when we are all truly powerful.

Whether you think

you CAN or you

 CANT, you are



I never thought I'd be in this situation
Knowing what I want
But unsure how to get it done
original poem by Christine Vega
(aka Memorium & Chrissys)

I miss the smile and voice I used to get lost in.
I miss the girl that I've never had.

A daydream is all you'll ever be?

An imaginary memory; yes, it is a tragedy.

But you can't clearly see, how much you really mean to me!

Babygirl, you can't hear the tears I bleed!

Princess, I'll be your subject. Life will never be a World war 3.

Baby, I'd do my best and better than that and

Yes, I'm not a man. But I'll do better than he ever can!

Give you love, give you hope, give you inspiration and faith.

Don't need to rush but please don't leave me here to waist away.

Wish you'd come by, I wish you could stay.

Trust me, Love me, Hold me, Break me, Bleed me, Want me.

Scream me, Hurt me, Fix me, Take me, Need me.

I'll hold you, Love you, Bleed you, Scream you, Take you, Praise you!

Need you, Want you, hold you as long as you please.

When will you steal me so I can be your one and only.

Love this holy should be on a throne. 

You are the one. That I needed most. You truly don't know;

That you are a queen. Believe me.