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Hello, my name is Christina.
Just a highschool girl, struggling to get good grades, get to her job ontime,
finish all her homework and try to get into a good college. I also have a few hobbies <3

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Thank you so much! Hope you enjoy reading what I've written :)

Quotes by Memorium*

I never thought I'd be in this situation
Knowing what I want
But unsure how to get it done
original poem by Christine Vega
(aka Memorium & Chrissys)

I miss the smile and voice I used to get lost in.
I miss the girl that I've never had.

A daydream is all you'll ever be?

An imaginary memory; yes, it is a tragedy.

But you can't clearly see, how much you really mean to me!

Babygirl, you can't hear the tears I bleed!

Princess, I'll be your subject. Life will never be a World war 3.

Baby, I'd do my best and better than that and

Yes, I'm not a man. But I'll do better than he ever can!

Give you love, give you hope, give you inspiration and faith.

Don't need to rush but please don't leave me here to waist away.

Wish you'd come by, I wish you could stay.

Trust me, Love me, Hold me, Break me, Bleed me, Want me.

Scream me, Hurt me, Fix me, Take me, Need me.

I'll hold you, Love you, Bleed you, Scream you, Take you, Praise you!

Need you, Want you, hold you as long as you please.

When will you steal me so I can be your one and only.

Love this holy should be on a throne. 

You are the one. That I needed most. You truly don't know;

That you are a queen. Believe me. 

My friend,
-Christine Vega

As I thought. Once again you've stopped by.
My long life friend, that is what you are.
Depression is your first name and Anxiety is your last.  
No matter how hard I try to ignore you, the more you bring up the past.
Thought it would be easy to hold up my shield.
But once again you slip on through my fingers...  
Mother's Day

Poem by; Christine Vega

Today is a day that I hate.

Today is a day of sorrow and regret

Who knew that this would be your fate?

And who knew pain is all that I would get?

Your father wanted you, and I wanted you more.

Been a long time since you've been gone,

and I wish you were here.

I'm a mommy that makes angels.

That's what everybody always tells me.

Who would you have been?

A mama's boy or a tough guy like your dad?

Every single mother's day I remember you.

Now you'd be in your terrible twos.

Driving mommy and daddy crazy!

But it would be okay,

I'd love you just like I do now.

Somethings are better left unsaid.
But sometimes those things that aren't said,
are the things that they needed to hear the most!

Confess the feelings you probably don't have
-Poem by Christine Vega

      One day I'd wish to meet you by the cherry tree
and hear you say that you love me
Confess your feelings
Feelings you probably don't have
But this is my fantasy
"Please senpai notice me"
Confess the feelings you probably don't have
I need you in my life and I want you as my wife
I wouldn't let you get hurt cos' babygirl I'll protect you
I'd get under that knife, jump infront of a train for you
I'd literally do anything for you
Confress the feelings you probably don't have
I'd be your Wonder woman
But you're with your superman
He will never love you the way I can
I love you for you and I accept you for you
You're so damn beautiful
And your heart and your love, I want to fill
Who knows what life will bring us
I'll confess my feelings for you
when the time is finally right

SHE is just a friend
-poem by Christine Vega
She has always been there
She's heard about my whole world
She has accepted me for me
She has stolen something from me
But I don't think I want it back
I don't want to let her go
I trust her the most
I'm getting lost in her eyes
She's there every time I cry
If I show to much emotion
She will surely run away
She stole my heart a long time ago
I don't want it back and I want her with me but
that's something that will probably never be
I don't care what people say and I don't care what people think
Girls can like girls just like boys can like girls
At the end of the day he will have you

"She is just a friend" is something I constantly say
But who am I trying to prove that to?
Am I trying to convince me, her or all of you?
She's beautiful, She's smart, She's unique and sweet
I don't know what to do, guess I'll never be with her
She doesn't need a weak, nervous girl like me
When she can have a strong, tall, cute guy who can pick her up
A guy who can make her smile and laugh
A man who could fight for her and actually win
A man who can provide her with her own gorgeous kids
A man who can provide
Not an insecure girl, alone in this world who doesn't know what she wants
She deserves someone who can protect her
Love can't hold a huge shield over our heads, just love alone isn't strong enough
I love her in a way that he never possibly could
    -poem by Christine Vega
reminiscing bout these people I'm missing
hearing their voices, seeing their smiles
but knowing "reality" can't run that extra smile
I can't feel your touch
I miss your love, I know your there
in the heavens above...
What's reality anymore?!
I'm stuck here in a fantasy!
Why can't anyone see what grief has done to me?
Misery, dispair, agony, torture
that's what life is like without singing for you
remember when I was a kid
I'd sing all your oldies songs
but yeah you'd sing along too
reminiscing everynight
I was always there for you, but of course
you was here for me too
I love you, but I don't know what to do...
       -Poem by Christine Vega
Only 10 years old in this world on her own
Sitting in her bed, feeling all alone
Forced to call this hell a "home sweet home"
I understand, I been there before
Barely ever eating, I was sleeping on the floor
Knock upon the door
Hoping for an angel
But just another guy tryna grip her by her ankles
Her friends say she's "living the dream"
Grass aint greener on the other side
It's not how it seems
Cos I can fake a smile, I can fake laugh
But I'd never tell the truth
I'm too good for that
How everytime I meet a man he wants to make me cry?
Why you do me like that?
Why you tell all these lies?
Cos when you fall inlove
That's the day you start to die.
Since we were little girls
we're declared targets
Being shot constantly by perverts and bullies
But they never cared bout what they did to me
Remember what I said it's not how it seems
I'll continue to smile and continue to laugh
But like life is all innocent
I won't act like that
And that's a damn fact